What is Love Your Coast?

Love your Coast is a project to help people around the world look after the coastlines we all love.

By working together on fun, hands-on projects like beach clean-ups, we can all be a part of the local solution to a global problem.

Who is behind Love your Coast?

This project was started by a collaboration of New Zealand non-profit organisations, including Sustainable Coastlines, Keep New Zealand Beautiful, Sir Peter Blake Trust, Social Innovation and Watercare Harbour Clean-up Trust. The ongoing maintenance of this website and the resources on it is administered by Sustainable Coastlines.

How can I join an event?

First, find an event near you. Read the event details and follow the instructions that the Event Organiser has provided.

How do I organise my own event?

This website has a range of videos and downloadable documents that will help you plan, promote and run your own event. View or download our event planning resources.

Who can use Love your Coast?

Anyone! Love your Coast is a free global resource for learning about and taking action on rubbish in marine environments. Schools, community groups and businesses are welcome to use the tools on this website whenever and wherever you like!

What results do I need to record?

As much as you can. The more details you record, the better. If you don’t have time to count through all the rubbish, count a sample and multiply it out. If you have no time for counting at all, just estimate the percentage of different categories of rubbish and enter the your basic event results (number of people, total sacks picked-up, time spent and length of coastline cleaned).

Is it dangerous to clean-up the coast?

Anything you do outside with groups of people must be done carefully to minimise risk. The organisations that started the Love your Coast project run huge clean-ups on challenging terrain with young school students and there has never been a serious incident. But you cannot be too careful. Download our safety brief and event planning documents here.

How do I pay for event costs?

Your local council will often help by providing gloves, sacks and rubbish collection. Read our helpful planning documents for ideas on fundraising to cover other event costs. Remember: you are doing a good thing for the community when you clean up the coast, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!